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Posted on 16 May 2023 8 days left for application
Job Description
Core Deliverables

The Strategy unit under the Strategy, Research and Insights Department is aimed to develop and facilitate strategic direction for MDEC and the country’s digital economy collaborating with internal and external stakeholders, including Federal, State, international bodies as well as the industry sector. The Macro-Strategy sub-unit’s key responsibility is to drive and manage various studies related to Roadmaps, Blueprints and Frameworks, working closely with external consultants and internal stakeholders where relevant as well as to discuss and advice various states’ efforts in digital economy. Additionally, the Corporate Strategy sub-unit serves to provide internal alignments for MDEC stakeholders with global, regional and national goals especially in alignment towards achieving the Malaysia Digital (MD) targets for all 9 Promoted Sectors as well as alignment based on global shifts in technology and innovation. Both the Strategy sub-units work closely in several impactful projects including national-level roadmaps and company-wide strategy.

The CFS is expected to assist the Strategy unit in its deliverables. This involves contributing to the research and analysis, developing presentation decks on related Strategy solutions, administrative processes including reports and procurement as well as coordination with internal and external stakeholders to execute engagements to ensure positive impact and sustainable results for implementation by the unit.

A. Research & Analysis:

Assist the unit to ensure research is aligned to the strategic objectives of key projects as well as stakeholders including enterprise, Federal, State and industry stakeholders:

1. Conduct research and analysis on the external and internal macro-environment to be used as reference and as benchmarks to evaluate all opportunities as well as threats;

2. Assist to determine and analyse information on macroeconomic and industry trends, competitor and client behaviour;

3. Develop presentation decks to provide the potential solutions by Strategy team;

4. Assist to provide insight, analysis and recommendation during planning initiatives by providing insights on current trending and future outlook;

5. Assist to provide recommendation to key stakeholders for next course of action based on insights developed; and

6. Assist to provide relevant information to measure success of strategic initiatives.

B. Stakeholder Reporting & Project Management:

Assist in engaging and developing reports for stakeholders across MDEC Divisions and at Federal and State-level on matters related to the strategic development of the Digital Economy for the Nation, where applicable:

1. Assist in providing input and content to strategic and operational reporting in MDEC, KKD and other relevant platforms;

2. Assist to manage budget, resource utilisation effectively to meet performance expectations; and

3. Assist in the coordination of meetings, engagements, labs, workshops with internal and external stakeholders in executing relevant tasks by the unit.

C. Administrative matters:

Key person in charge of administrative matters in the Strategy unit:

1. Assist in administrative matters related to procurement processes for project delivery related to Roadmaps, Blueprints and Frameworks; and

2. Develop reports, minutes of meetings and memos related to macrostrategy and corporate strategy deliverables.

D. Learning and Growth:

1. Actively enhance personal development of skills and acquisition of knowledge; and

2. Build a positive work culture that promotes productivity and collaboration.


Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Political Science, other Social Science majors or other relevant qualification with minimum 1-5 years of working experiences.

Soft Skills:

1. Excellent interpersonal skills and able to communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to create an inclusive environment with people at all levels of an organisation;

2. Detail-oriented;

3. Has project management experience;

4. Hardworking and having the ability to work in a fast-paced and complex work environment; and

5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Technical Skills / Knowledge Specialization:

1. General knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methodology;

2. General knowledge or strong interest in economics and ICT sector; and

3. Excellent knowledge and experience using Microsoft Office tools especially PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

The CFS engagement will be made up to 24-month contract, with option to renewal subject to business needs.

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