Senior Executive, Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology Ecosystem
Posted on 14 Mar 2023 16 days left for application
Job Description
Core Deliverables

Provide effective facilitation, coordination and execution of Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology projects, focusing on 4IR technologies in related products, solutions or services development, Ecosystem Engagements (focused on Demand Ecosystem and Stakeholder Management), Program Management, Project Implementation, Business Support and Talent Development in an organization-focused manner in achieving committed outcomes or programme goals across MD verticals.

1. Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology: Pilot Projects Development

a) To facilitate the development of digital technologies i.e. Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the agriculture sector (based on progressive demand engagements) towards driving the committed outcomes or program goals, across MD verticals

b) To facilitate the implementation of Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology projects through effective planning and coordination of all sectorial stakeholders, technology partners and ecosystem enablers

c) To support to identify and on-board new digital technology partners and potential sectorial stakeholders

d) To support in the validation of latest digital technology products, solutions or services for Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology projects through strategic communication plan and collaboration with the respective Industry Partners and Communities

2. Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology: Implementation & Business Support

a) To facilitate the collaboration engagements with relevant industry partners and potential demand side that will lead to active and quality participation in Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology projects

b) To maintain a high-level engagement and follow-up with industry partners (local and/or international), key stakeholders and ecosystem partners

c) To efficiently disseminate and inform ecosystem partners on updated project prospects and new processes

3. Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology: Performance Tracking & Monitoring

a) To facilitate the sustainability of digital technology adoption and scalability in Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology projects, through effective coordination and monitoring of project deployment with industry partners as well as sectorial stakeholders

b) To support in catalysing digital technology adoption, through implementation of:

i. Digital Economy and Digital Adoption across identified MD verticals

ii. Any other approach/intervention measures that will sustain the adoption of digital technologies in alignment with the goals of Industry Development Division (IDD)

4. Digital Agriculture & Drone Technology: Others

a) Assume responsibility for related duties as required or assigned by Head of Department/Division

b) Maintain updated knowledge of global markets, technological developments, changes in the regulatory environment as well as customer/client needs by maintaining networks, conducting research and participating in external forums/seminars.

c) Support the effective achievement of team goals by participating as an effective team member and contributing valuable information and analyses

d) Progressively provide valuable contributions to team outcomes by conducting research and making diligent analyses

e) Ensure that processes facilitate outcomes effectively by administering efficiently and providing alternatives where applicable

f) Contribute to process efficiencies by reviewing them and making recommendations for improvements

g) Maintain high level of integrity of systems and processes by ensuring that governance and compliance standards/processes are applied and adhered to


1. Graduate with at least 3 years of working experience, preferably in technology business-related function and/or ICT sector with experience in project implementation

2. Experience in working with industry partners and/or public-private sector initiatives are added advantages

a. Ability to analyze and decipher trends, developments and to make strategic recommendations driving towards the project outcomes

b. In achieving goals and outcomes, is process oriented and guided by guidelines and procedures

Soft skills:

• Effective Communication skill (written and spoken)

• Good Business Acumen

• Internal and External Customer Orientation

• High EQ

Technical Skills / Knowledge Specialization:

• Strategic analysis and planning

• Specialize in key technologies for related verticals

• Business analysis and due diligence

• Strategic review of industry proposals

• Strategic report writing

1. The skills to conceptualize ideas and plan to bring those ideas to fruition is critical to success. Provide constructive feedbacks to enhance quality outcomes.

2. The jobholder will be able to facilitate and support projects with assigned roles and responsibilities in a timely manner that meets quality standards.

3. Has excellent communication, presentation and networking skills as the position requires magnitude of engagements with ecosystem partners and stakeholders.

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