eUsahawan Coach
Posted on 14 Mar 2023 16 days left for application
Job Description
Core Deliverables

1. Training of eUsahawan programme’s participants

a) To ensure effective delivery of the eUsahawan training programme. The training programme will be delivered via online or offline mode and the course module shall be prepared by MDEC.

b) To invite, monitor, track and report attendance of all participants and to submit a report to the MDEC Project Team.

c) To highlight any issues or areas of improvement.

d) To contribute to the refinement of training course content.

2. Mentoring & Coaching

a) To mentor and /or coach potential success story for 3 months. To conduct mentoring and /or coaching sessions for the selected participants for the stipulated mentoring hours.

b) To monitor, track and report attendance and mentoring progress of all selected participants and submit a report to the MDEC Project Team.

c) To identify potential success stories to be highlighted.

d) To highlight on feedback, issues and/or challenges faced by participants related to any aspects of the eUsahawan programme to MDEC Project Team for immediate attention and/or remedial actions.

e) To contribute to the refinement of mentoring and coaching content.

3. Tracking & Reporting

a) To track participants sales, progress and any other metrics to be determined by MDEC for each participant, on monthly basis.

b) To provide monthly reporting to MDEC.

c) To provide any other reporting required by MDEC.

d) To highlight to MDEC any top earning participants as potential success stories to be highlighted.

4. Supporting the eUsahawan programme and Continuous Self-Improvement

a) To attend and participate in eUsahawan project meeting which will be coordinated by MDEC as and when is required.

b) Maintain updated knowledge of trends, technological developments, changes in the digital marketing trend, conducting research and participating in external forums / seminars, specifically in digital marketing.


• Must be eUsahawan Certified Trainer

• Proof of being an experience trainer, proven track record on any recognized digital marketing.

• Experience in conducting training / mentoring / coaching programme. Any related certification will be an added advantage.

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