Senior Business Analyst
Posted on 17 Jan 2023 8 days left for application

Job Purpose

1. To evaluate, perform detailed analysis and recommendation and, presentation on application for reinvestment/expansion tax incentive under Malaysia Digital initiative.

2. To evaluate, perform detailed analysis and recommendation on post Malaysia Digital Status approval and post reinvestment/expansion tax incentive matters including but not limited to appeal of variation of condition(s), adding new activity(ies).

3. To perform monitoring and analysis on progress report and status of Customised Incentive recipients.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Advise and provide consultation to applicants about the application

Perform due diligence and verification on the submitted application details.

2. Provide review through comprehensive feedback based on the submitted application details.

3. Facilitate in preparation of necessary documents leading to approval process and post approval matters.

4. To present the evaluation and recommendation to the relevant committees.

5. Maintain proper record, filing and handling confidentiality of the application.

6. Regular monitoring exercise to ensure achievement of objective, maintaining records and reporting of project achievements and assist on resolution of project issues and project closure.

7. Provides facilitation and consultancy related to i.e., gazette order drafting, guidelines and relevant policies development.

8. Perform additional due diligence, special assignment, ad-hoc functions and related duties when necessary.

9. Collaborate with team members, internal and external stakeholders for effective management of recipients and positive customer experience.

10. Advise and resolve issues on queries / complaints by applicants and/or external customers.


1. Minimum Degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business Studies or other relevant studies with minimum working experience of 5 years.

2. Experience in Consultancy / Financial Analysis / Auditing are added advantage

Competency Required

Technical skills / Knowledge Specialization:

• Knowledge on local taxation & incentives

• Experience in project/business proposal evaluation, tax Incentive application processing, business and financial analysis & business writing

• Understanding of Investor Industry Dynamics and Business

Soft skills:

• Sound strategic /analytical thinking

• Internal and external customer focus / oriented

• Good oral communications, interpersonal and presentation skills

• Prioritisation skill, attention to details and achievement oriented

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