Executive, Digital Finance and Islamic Digital Economy
Posted on 19 Jan 2023 11 days left for application

Job Purpose

Duties & Responsibilities

Work as a team to coordinate, facilitate and execute achievement of defined goals and outcomes of Digital Finance and Islamic Digital Economy (DFIDE) in accordance with guidelines and governance standards.


  • Support thought leadership thinking, development of strategic policies and its implementation in support of building a thriving DFIDE ecosystem.
  • Support the promotion, amplification and implementation of DFIDE initiatives through effective coordination/collaboration with key stakeholders and ecosystem partners.
  • Support to ensure that work outcomes are developed with well-thought research, articulated information and data.
  • Contribute to ensure DFIDE programs and initiatives are delivered successfully, which includes working with other departments/divisions to meet the overall DFIDE objectives.
  • Support proactive engagement with team members from other departments/divisions units and harmoniously work to achieve the overall goals of the organisation.
  • Support the continued growth and development of DFIDE by providing feedback, inputs and facilitate DFIDE’s participate in forums, conferences, other public speaking platforms, etc.
  • Responsible to ensure work processes are efficient and effective by making recommendations to management and take on supporting projects and initiatives to drive successful outcomes.
  • Responsible to ensure diligent administration of programs and processes. At all times, ensure compliance of policies, guidelines and internal standards.


  • Minimum of 1 year relevant experience and exhibits willingness to achieve DFIDE’s objectives. Fresh graduates encouraged to apply. 

Soft Skills:

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Team player and able to multi-tasking.
  • Social grace.
  • Business etiquette.
  • Exhibit negotiation skills.
  • Behavioural traits which includes attitude, motivation and time management.
  • Conflict management skill.
  • Internal and external customer focus.
  • Knowledge of current policies and regulation.

Technical Skill: 

  • Basic analytical skill.
  • Basic business and market Intelligence.
  • Basic project management skill.
  • Basic understanding of ICT industry - technology, business, economics, etc.

Competency Required

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