Senior Executive, Internal Audit
Posted on 04 Jan 2023 20 days left for application

Job Purpose

To conduct financial, operational, project and systems audits in any area of the Group in accordance with Internal Audit Plan approved by Board Audit and Risk Committee (BARC)

Duties & Responsibilities

1. To assist the Head and Manager of Internal Audit in developing an annual audit plan covering the whole system of internal control based on the Group's significant business processes and specific areas of management's concerns

• Gathering of information

• Assist in conducting High Level Risk Assessment (HLRA)

• Involve in discussion with internal customers

2. To perform internal audit review and ad-hoc assignment

• To perform internal audit review in accordance with the annual plan approved by the BARC

• To conduct any ad-hoc reviews or tasks requested by BARC and CEO, provided that such reviews and task do not compromise the independence or objectivity of the internal audit function

3. Establish and maintaining comprehensive audit programs

• To develop and execute a comprehensive audit program that is responsive to the operational, financial and control risks within the Group

4. Finalization of the audit issues and recommendations for reporting to Board Audit and Risk Committee

• To discuss findings and recommendations with management

• Solicit feedback from auditee or management on any issues raised during the audit

5. Prepare BARC papers and audit reports within stipulated timeframe

• To prepare independent internal audit reports on risk management, compliance and operational control of auditable units to the BARC

• To submit the audit report to Manager or Head of Internal Audit within stipulated timeframe

6. Conduct a follow up review and monitor on the implementation

• To follow-up on audit findings and recommendations with management to ensure that internal control gaps identified have been effectively addressed

7. To assist the Head and Manager of Internal Audit on the administration of the Internal Audit Department

• Ensure proper audit documentation maintained

• Completion of admin matters within stipulated timeframe

• Assist in budgeting process, training and development and other administrative matters


• Bachelor's degree preferably in Accounting or Finance or any other related fields and/or professional qualification

• Minimum 5 years relevant working experience in internal auditing

Competency Required

Technical Skills / Knowledge Specialization

• Internal Audit

• Risk Management

• Process Analysis

• Financial / performance analysis

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