Manager, Platform & Tech
Posted on 20 Sep 2022 14 days left for application

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Senior Manager of DFTZ, the Manager, Manager of Platform & Tech will primarily manage the roll-out and implementation of modules developed on DFTZ eServices Platform and support the Senior Manager DFTZ Operations.

The person is expected to perform the following key areas:

1. Active monitoring and management of the implementation of DFTZ projects

2. Manage risks & issues associated with DFTZ project implementation and develop the mitigation & operational steps;

3. Manage and monitor the development and technology aspect of DFTZ eServices in collaboration with appointed technology partner

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Manage DFTZ eServices Platform with Technology Partner:

a. To achieve the goals and objectives of the overall Platform project plan and align with the overall business strategy
b. To manage the timeline of current and future activities and deliverables
c. To measure the project plan for reporting purposes, and compare planned and actual deliverables
d. To project manage sub activities – including reviewing of release notes, provide feedback, monitor users experience
2. Monitor and manage the Action Item and Issue Database:
a. To work with technology partner in monitoring action item database and track activities to closure
b. To facilitate the maintenance of issue database and track issues to closure
c. To report on delayed action items as well as high and critical issues
3. Facilitate Documentation of Users Requirement
a. To act as the Single Point of Contact for tech matters related to DFTZ eServices Platform when liasing with Public Sector Providers
b. Facilitate development of test scripts by technology partner and monitor test environment
4. Other DFTZ Project Tasks
a. To develop project management documentation
b. To review technical documentation or deliverables, when required
c. To develop and/or review system processes, together with other DFTZ Division members
5. To support the DFTZ Division in events management, presentation development and other documentation


Minimum Bachelors Degree in any related field with approximately 7 years of experience

Competency Required

Soft skills. Proactively:

 Communicate to influence and strategically engage with technology partners, stakeholders and government agencies.

 View situations critically and provide innovative solution

Technical Skills / Knowledge Specialization

 Deep understanding of Customs systems and its related issues and opportunities

 Good understanding of technologies for cross border movement of goods, customs declaration and tax collection by sovereign nations.

 Familiarity with J-SON, SFTP and technology related to eservices development

 Has experience in development of trade facilitation platform & logistics services

 Strategic analysis and planning

 Business analysis and due diligence

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