Manager, Market Access
Posted on 22 Jul 2022 11 days left for application

Job Purpose

1. The candidate is responsible to lead and manage GGA’s market access and global business development activities

2. Undertake leadership role to research and analyse market intelligence information through both formal and informal sources
3. To have business development skill set and manage the opportunity pipeline of GAIN companies
4. To lead the planning of key strategies, programmes, and initiatives that are crucial to the unit
5. To communicate with key stakeholders in the structure and support syndication (internal & external

Duties & Responsibilities

1. To develop and implement market access platforms and programmes to assist Malaysian-based companies to penetrate regional and global markets. As manager, candidate will be assigned to lead specific regions / territories.

a. Plan, manage and coordinate activities such as business missions, immersions, GAIN Connex and GAIN Expand in targeted markets

b. Manages and track opportunity pipelines across GAIN companies

c. Identify and drive engagements with key stakeholders in respective territories e.g. accelerators, channel partners, government agencies, etc.

d. Lead and manage the alliances and partnerships in respective territories

e. Lead in developing strategies, programmes, and initiatives to support market access and business development activities in each respective economic footprint.

2. Lead the implementation of the approved strategies in a collaborative manner across internal and external stakeholders

a. Ensure outcomes to strengthen the value proposition of Malaysia as a regional tech hub to attract and redomicile foreign tech startups.

b. Project manage to ensure outcomes are delivered in an integrated and coordinated manner with all relevant internal and external stakeholders.

3. Obtain a clear understanding of all units under the GGA division as well as other divisions in MDEC and proactively provide support in order to achieve MDEC’s corporate goals

4. Liaise with appointed International Representative (IR)

a. Manage and track activities of the appointed IR

b. Review IR reports

5. Research and analyze on market intelligence information through both formal and informal sources

a. Provides report and feedback on the market intelligence into actionable items

6. Co-Lead and Influence the Stakeholders

a. Co-Lead and influence all engagement with relevant internal and external stakeholders, relevant policy makers and industry influencer/partners that has direct/indirect influence on the growth of the GAIN Companies


1. Extensive Experience (> 8 years and above) in ICT

2. Good domain knowledge of Malaysian and Global ICT industry

3. Exceptional working knowledge of Malaysian ICT markets

4. Minimum Bachelor’s degree

5. The jobholder will have gained experience managing projects as the team leader or is an experienced individual contributor who has a more experience and knowledge of particular subject matters

6. The ability to conceptualize ideas and plan to bring those ideas to fruition is critical to success. Provide feedback to enhance quality outcomes

7. As a team leader, the jobholder will be able to manage projects by assigning roles and responsibilities, timeline and quality standards

Competency Required

1. At least 3 years of regional / global experience in ICT market; with good network and contacts with partner companies and investors in the region

2. Well versed with market trends and market landscape. i.e. industry needs and requirements, and solutions offered from GAIN companies

3. Ability to build good relations with stakeholders, i.e. other MDEC divisions, GAIN companies, overseas partners, counterpart government agencies both local and foreign

4. Resourceful and entrepreneurial mindset, strong business acumen with understanding of business models, revenue models, finance.

5. Good technical and business understanding of solutions offered by GAIN companies

6. Good interpersonal skills and client management skills

7. Strong verbal and written communications skills are a must, as well as relationship building skills. Demonstrated ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations is key.

8. A team-player, enjoys cross-functional roles, challenges status-quo, adaptable and professional.

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