Senior Executive, Investment Locations
Posted on 28 Jul 2022 17 days left for application

Job Purpose

To manage the info/ infra quality of services in new growth areas/ high impact locations particularly MSC Malaysia Cybercities/ Cybercentres and Malaysia Digital Hubs (MDH), enhance the competitiveness of the business locations.

To enhance the service delivery of MSC Malaysia business location through Cybercities, Cybercentres and Digital Hubs to MSC Malaysia status companies and internet companies, which include performance monitoring of the business locations and services, and effective advisory of MSC Malaysia business locations to the internet companies.

To facilitate the delivery of MSC Malaysia Bill of Guarantee #1 (BoG1) and to enhance the quality of services of MSC Malaysia Cybercities, Cybercentres and Digital Hubs which includes effective implementation of Performance Standards and criteria compliance audit, adoption of best practices and ensure delivery of high quality services through reliable infrastructure and good service delivery.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Manage and facilitate the MSC Malaysia Cybercity, Cybercentre and Digital Hub status pre-application engagements and application assessment

  • Manage pre-application and application engagements with prospective MSC Malaysia Cybercity/ Cybercentre applicants.
  • Facilitate preliminary review of proposed Cybercity/ Cybercentre sites and provide feedback to applicants to facilitate the compliance of prospective MSC Malaysia Cybercity/ Cybercentre sites to the MSC Malaysia Qualifying Criteria and MSC Malaysia Performance Standard.
  • Manage and facilitate the Cybercity/ Cybercentre application and verify compliance to the MSC Malaysia Qualifying Criteria and MSC Malaysia Performance Standard

2. Conduct Performance Standards and compliance audit on new and existing MSC Malaysia business locations

  • Coordinate the implementation of new building designation audit and post-approval compliance audit on MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres in accordance to the Performance Standards
  • Review and conduct the technical assessment/ audit on Digital Hubs in accordance to the stipulated technical criteria
  • Facilitate and coordinate the engagement with selected Cybercity/ Cybercentre Managements (CCMs) for self-audit implementation
  • Coordinate and manage internal and external audit team members to implement the on-site audit exercise.
  • Review the technical readiness reports and the supporting documents submitted by MSC Malaysia Cybercity, Cybercentre and Digital Hubs

3. Manage the resolution of Performance Standards and Criteria related gaps, and address issues raised by the internet companies and investors on infrastructure, business     environment and other related matters.

  • Manage the resolution of Performance Standards and Criteria related gaps and/or issues raised by the internet companies and relevant stakeholders
  • Engage, obtain buy-in and secure commitment from service providers, building owners and other relevant stakeholders to ensure all issues are addressed or resolved in timely manner.

4. Manage and facilitate the implementation and operation of relevant applications and systems for MSC Malaysia business locations

  • Review and facilitate the implementation of Cybercity/ Cybercentre Management System (CCMS) and Cybercity/ Cybercentre Mobile Application (CCMA) module/ feature enhancement.
  • Assume the role of Master Administrator of CCMS and CCMA to support all operations of the system includes create and update record or data, initiate and monitor Performance Standards Compliance Audit exercise, and update parameter value.
  • Facilitate maintenance and support services for CCMS and CCMA
  • Facilitate the resolution of issues and bugs as highlighted by CCMS and CCMA users.

5. Manage the review of MSC Malaysia Performance Standards and other relevant Criteria to ensure MSC Malaysia business locations remain attractive and competitive for ICT industry

  • Manage the systematic monitoring of global trends and business requirements of ICT industry in relation to electricity, telecommunications, environment, safety and security and other related fields.
  • Manage the assessment and review of MSC Malaysia Performance Standards and Criteria to incorporate and adopt the relevant global trends on info/ infra requirements for ICT industry.
  • Lead and manage the engagements with relevant stakeholders such as utility providers, relevant Ministries and regulatory bodies, and obtain buy-in and commitment on performance standards improvements and SLA enhancement.

6. Support the development of national policies and technical document, and adoption of emerging technologies

  • Participate and represent MDEC in provide strategic inputs, feedback and research via national and inter-agencies platforms with regards to the development of policies and technical documentation for the industry
  • Identify and analyse the available and/or emerging technologies that can be introduced to enhance existing ecosystem
  • Facilitate and manage for technical and project management facilitation for ubiquitous and pervasive emerging technology initiatives especially in Cyberjaya

7. Provide advisory to internal and external stakeholders for business location needs and requirements

  • Continuous engagement with internal stakeholders (clusters) and provide advisory on available MSC business locations to meet the needs of MSC Malaysia companies and potential investors.
  • Establish location advisory via multiple platforms to MSC status companies, internet companies and ICT investors to facilitate ease of choosing a suitable MSC business location for their operation.

8. Effective engagement with key stakeholders

  • To ensure effective communication and engagement with key stakeholders which includes internal (clusters) and external (CCMs, OSCs, MSC Malaysia companies, potential investors, building owners/ management, regulatory, providers, local authority etc.)
  • Obtain buy-in and commitment from relevant stakeholders on the implementation of value adding programmes, international certification, and best practices.
  • Provide valuable contributions and active participation in meeting and discussion

9. Assume responsibility for related duties as required or assigned by the Management

  • Support and participate in organisational wide initiatives, programmes and committees.
  • Undertake special projects/ ad-hoc tasks assigned by Supervisor and Senior Management as and when required.
  • Ensure professional integrity by adhering to the related governance and compliance processes and procedures and


  • Degree in Engineering, IT or relevant technical background especially in telecommunication and electrical infrastructure. 
  • Minimum working experience of 5 years with relevant knowledge in telecommunication, electricity supply, building infrastructure and related. 

Competency Required

Technical skills/ knowledge specialization:

  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Science/ Technology Park Management
  • Utilities provisioning and implementation
  • Customer Relationship Management

Soft skills:

  • Organising for Achievement
  • Managing People
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skill
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Values/ Organizational Commitment
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Internal and External Customer Focus

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