Business Development (Creative Technologies)
Posted on 07 May 2021 12 days left for application

Job Purpose

The Business Development Senior Executive (Creative Technologies) carries an important role in engaging and developing digital technology companies that carry product and services related to Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality(XR), Gamification, Games in Education and related technologies and platforms. The purpose is to support the digital content sector growth with technology solutions focused around games and interactive media. The Senior Executive assists companies expand their services offerings and markets to generate more revenue, drive innovation and create value and job opportunities through promotion and facilitating companies in the creative technologies field.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Organise engagements, build networks and assist with growing the business opportunities of creative technology companies and business matching with prospective clients, e.g. corporates, non-creative industry businesses, etc

2. Partnership with key technology ecosystem platforms in the creative technology space and assist in driving awareness and adoption of these creative technologies, e.g. VR, XR, Gamification, etc for use in sectors beyond entertainment

3. Co-ordinate and act towards driving projects and partnerships with the industry to promote local products and services in the creative technology space both locally and to an international market


BSc Business Management with understanding of industry trends

BSc in Computer Science with business development experience

Competency Required

2-5 years working experience in sales and project management skills.
Working knowledge in the creative technology platforms, etc VR/AR, gamification, application of games/digital content in education, healthcare, etc would be an added bonus

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