Manager, Transformation Engagement
Posted on 27 Apr 2022 9 days left for application

Job Purpose

Duties & Responsibilities

• Building Organizational Commitment—Foster all levels of the organization to commit to achieving MDEC’s transformation. This includes articulating levels of commitment needed, assessing commitment, and planning the actions necessary to drive higher levels of commitment from key individuals and groups in the organisation.

• Stakeholder Analysis and Management—Identify key internal MDEC stakeholders (individuals and groups) who will play a key role in MDEC’s commitment to the transformation. Plan and execute actions and interventions that drive greater levels of commitment.

• Communications Strategy and Planning—Develop overall communications strategies and plans to support MDEC’s commitment to its intended future state. This includes a multi-channel portfolio of communications that are delivered over an extended period of time.

• Communications Construction and Delivery—Craft and deliver individual, compelling, consistent communications “events” called for in the communications plan.

• Execution Risk Management—Identify factors that could jeopardize realization of critically important change endeavors, including Resolve, Understanding, Commitment, Alignment, Adaptation Capacity, Resistance, Involvement, Trust, Change Roles, and Culture. Develop and execute risk mitigation plans. Enable the tough conversations that need to happen to manage these risks.

• Assessing and Architecting Culture—Articulate the desired mindsets and behaviors that must be in place for MDEC’s transformation to be fully realized. Assess MDEC’s current culture versus the desired culture to ascertain the overall degree of consistency and to identify specific gaps that need to be addressed. Work closely with MDEC’s leadership to declare the degree of culture shift necessary to achieve realization and to be sure that need is clearly stated in the overall MDEC strategic intent. Develop and execute a plan that will drive sponsors and targets to understand, embrace, and institutionalize the desired mindsets and behaviors.

• Assessing Adaptation Capacity—Periodically assess MDEC’s adaptation capacity and change load. This includes the ability to understand constituencies that will be affected by specific changes; to understand the nature, degree, and timing of that impact; and to share that perspective with the organisation.


• Bachelor’s degree or Master’s with 7-8 years of experience

• Excellent understanding of change management concepts.

• Ability to problem solve, manage conflict, and build relationships with people at all levels of the organization.

• Energetic, decisive, and creative forward thinker.

• The Change Management and Culture Manager will need be analytic, challenging, mindful, articulate, a communicator, build relationships, mirror information with empathy, observant, display emotional intelligence, accepting, and confidential.

Competency Required

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