Talent Analyst
Posted on 23 Aug 2021 5 days left for application

Job Purpose

Carry out effective compilation, structuring, analysis and visualisation of data related to digital talent, skills and careers. This will include conducting surveys on digital skills and jobs in Malaysia, leading digital talent related landscape studies, creating presentations for internal and external engagements and working across the organisation to compile digital skills and jobs related data. The candidate will also serve as the division’s data agent in MDEC’s big data initiative and assist with project monitoring.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Data compilation and structuring

• Work within the divisional team and across the organisation to scope and compile data related to training programmes, job creation and job matching initiatives conducted or facilitated by MDEC.

• Create templates and mechanisms to strengthen the quality and relevant of data captured by project delivery teams e.g. data integration, configuration, etc.

• Review and ensure data gathered is clean, updated and well-structured.

2. Data analysis and visualisation

• Utilise relevant tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Excel etc to analyse and visualise digital talent, skill and job related data in ways that communicate MDEC’s impact, and to draw and present key insights to support the formulation of the division’s strategy and direction. This includes building data queries, predictive analytics models, etc.

3. Data reporting

• Lead the reporting requirements of the division including periodic progress reports for internal/external stakeholders and responding to adhoc data requests from internal/external stakeholders

4. Support divisional KPI and budget monitoring

• Assist with the monitoring of the division’s budget and KPIs – including tracking achievement vs targets and escalating gaps to Project Leads and Performance Managers.

• Ensure the KPI and budget dashboards are updated and continuously enhanced.

5. Conduct research and analysis of talent data to support development of policies, reports and recommendations

• Produce quarterly Talent advisories

• Coordination of information updated for the divisional dashboard

6. Serve as the division’s data agent for the organisation’s big data initiative

• Coordinate and share data related to digital talent, skills and jobs with MDEC’s Big Data project team.

7. Maintain a high level of integrity of systems and processes by ensuring that governance and compliance standards are applied and adhered to at all times.


1. 3 to 5 years’ working or freelance experience in research, data analysis, and visualization.

2. Bachelor in Computer Science – majoring in Data Science, Bachelor of Economics or other qualifications in Data Analysis, Data Science, Data Visualisation, etc.

Competency Required

Technical competencies

1. Data analysis tools and methods e.g. Advanced Excel skills, Power BI, R Programming, etc

2. Data visualization and data story-telling e.g. Tableau, etc.

3. Research skills

4. Powerpoint skills

5. Creative design/graphics e.g. Adobe Creative tools, Canva, etc.

Soft skills

1. Communications – written and spoken English and Bahasa

2. Detail-oriented

3. Able to work well under pressure

4. Pleasant personality

5. Growth mindset

6. Positive mindset

7. Team player

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