Senior Executive
Posted on 23 Aug 2021 4 days left for application

Job Purpose

Duties & Responsibilities


This position will be filled by positive and energetic individual who will work in a dynamic team, together with the Unit Manager to plan, coordinate and implement training, onboarding, coaching and mentoring sessions for gig working and online / digital freelancing programme within agreed timelines and quality standards.

He/She is expected to work closely with key stakeholders which includes federal ministries and agencies, Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) and NGOs / Community Champions. He/She will focus to prepare the learning content and implement the gig workforce training and onboarding activities via online and offline approach, based on pre-identified tracks (general public and HLIs)


1. Assist and facilitate engagement with stakeholders, partners and collaborators.

• Identify, facilitate and coordinate engagement with respective stakeholders; ministries and agencies, IHLs and NGOs / Community Champions in identify the target community profiles and prepare the necessary, suitable and relevant training and onboarding materials.

• Assist in providing suitable content and preparing communication for online/social media contents to promotes online learning and onboarding sessions.

2. Implementation of Gig Workforce Training and Onboarding activities

• Responsible to assist in planning, development and implementing the Gig Workforce Training and onboarding activities which includes Train-of-Trainers, Coaching and Mentoring sessions, which will be delivered primarily online but can also include offline sessions.

• Manage scheduling of gig workforce training, onboarding activities including coaching and mentoring according to respective tracks and/or stakeholders.

• Preparation of training and/or learning content, contribute to the refinement of existing MDEC training modules

3. Performance Tracking and Monitoring

• Monitor and report on progress of planned activities versus actual achievements.

• Recommend and facilitate solutions for project implementation issues and provide inputs for improvements in project delivery.

• Seek for internal and external collaboration to ensure efficiency and productivity.

4. Maintain updated knowledge of developments by participating and contributing in training development programs, as well as undertaking self-development programs and professional integrity by championing processes and facilitates compliance.

• Actively grow the abilities and skills of oneself and team members through knowledge transfer, training programs and hands on learning.

• Provide valuable contributions towards environment that fosters personal and professional growth.



1. At least a bachelor’s degree in Business, Communications, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Management or in any related area.

2. Have the experience working as digital freelancer with proven previous track record on any recognized freelancing platform.

3. Have the experience in conducting training and coaching sessions, experience relating to digital freelancing will be an added advantage


1. Has excellent communication, presentation and networking skills in both English and Bahasa Malaysia.

2. The jobholder will be able to manage projects and responsibilities assigned in a timely manner that meets quality standards.

Competency Required

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