Manager, Stakeholder liaison & Performance Reporting
Posted on 23 Aug 2021 4 days left for application

Job Purpose

Plan, manage and implement the following key organization wide initiatives in order to ensure effective reporting of all MDEC’s commitments to all stakeholders.

1. Performance Monitoring: Stakeholder KPI, RMK Project and Corporate KPI Monitoring

2. Reporting of all MDEC commitments to the stakeholders

3. External & Internal Stakeholder relations and engagement relating to Corporate & Project Performance

4. Institutionalization of a Project Management Framework: Reporting & Process simplification & automation

5. Cross divisional issue resolution

Also to deliver other requirements as instructed by the Unit Head, Department Head and Division Head.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Drive an effective Enterprise Performance Monitoring to ensure commitments are delivered

2. Ensure accurate and timely submission of reports to the relevant stakeholders for endorsement (example of Reports: YB Minister’s KPIs, RMK KPIs, High Impact Projects, Fund Utilisation, etc).


a. Excellent achievement of Corporate KPI. Raised reputation & increased confidence of MDEC Performance at Board level & MKD MOF)

b. Excellent delivery of RMK Projects leading towards sustaining stakeholders’ confidence (Factors contributing to the next cycle of RMK rolling plan approval by MEA & MOF)

c. Excellent delivery of KPI commitment under YB Minister scorecard, KSU scorecard, TKSU Scorecard, and also for other KPI committed under other ministries. (YBM Scorecard passing score is 80%).

3. Present MDEC reports at various stakeholders’ platforms for e.g. KKMM KPI,M/JTPK, JKPO prep,etc. Provide insights on KPI performance to raise the positive impact and values of projects under MDEC (success stories, key impact, outcome, etc)

4. Manage MDEC project report preparation & presentation at the Jawatankuasa Penilaian Outcome (JKPO) under ICM JPM. To develop draft report, work towards improvement of the draft report with project owner(s), review report content and ensuring content met ICU’s requirements. Obtain approval from SLT. Kindly take note that there is a score to be assigned to each project presented at JKPO.

a. Impact:/Outcome: Report content and presentation will be rated by JKPO. Passing score is 80%. Final rating will determine KKMM’s position among the ministries. This rating is very important for KSU & KKMM.

5. Manage documentation preparation for Lawatan Inspektorat by ICU. Work with project team to ensure all relevant documents are available for assessment by ICU.

a. Impact:/Outcome: Report content and presentation will be rated by ICU. Passing score is 80%. Final rating will determine KKMM’s position among the ministries. This rating is very important for KSU & KKMM.

6. Respond to adhoc requests by stakeholders regarding RMK projects under MDEC, KPI progress, project details, beneficiaries, etc.

7. Mitigate risks and resolve issues

8. Improve operational efficiency by implementing process simplification, process review, and process automation.

9. Manage data analytics & management of project information and corporate KPI scorecard/RMK projects for reporting to the Board and stakeholders.


1. Monitor the implementation of projects to ensure achievement of corporate & divisional performance.

2. A graduate with approximately 7 years of experience. The jobholder should have the experience in project management preferably as a team leader.

Competency Required

1. Ability to plan, manage and execute with minimal supervision

2. Performance based monitoring skillsets

3.  Risk mitigation  and issue resolution

4. Exceptional stakeholder engagement skills, combined with strong communications & interpersonal skills as well as managerial ability. Able to influence at working levels and the most senior levels of an organization (including ministries) and to work collaboratively across functions, levels and departments toward shared objectives.

5. Attention to details in analyzing data and ability to reconstruct structured & unstructured data to develop reports by providing value-add information and context.

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