Manager Insight & Analytics (Internal)
Posted on 22 Jul 2021 17 days left for application

Job Purpose

To ensure timely delivery of data-driven insights and recommendations for corporate-wide planning that contribute towards achievement of corporate objectives.  

The job encompasses full lifecycle activities including data collections, perform analysis and establish insights, reporting capabilities, continuous performance monitoring with quality control plans in place for improvements implementation.  

The job also involves providing guidance on analytic framework for selected corporate functions to enable business intelligence analysis on corporate-wide transactional data. 

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Focus areas scanning 

  • Systematically explore predictions and possibilities about technologies impacting the Digital Economy 

  • Provide insights through trend analysis and advising the respective stakeholders 

  • Provide recommendation to Management for next course of action based on insights developed 

  • Provide relevant information to measure success of strategic initiatives 

  • Suggest data driven optimization to business strategies through extracting and analyzing multiple data sources and turning them into actionable business insight.
  • Continuously test to optimize existing campaigns, new marketing channels, and other business opportunities to improve the digital experience 
  • Improving customer engagement by segmenting data and/or better using the existing data
  • Collaborate with the digital and marketing team to provide data-driven consultancy on the website/microsite marketing content assets, A/B testing to continually drive conversion and customer acquisition.
  • Develop the appropriate reporting tools and review cadence to enable productive ongoing analysis of digital marketing program performance and key learnings to inform real-time optimizations
  • Evaluate and report on initiatives across digital platforms to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness of different digital campaigns

2. Data Analytics/Insights 

  • Design, develop and implement data analysis in accordance to stakeholders requirement 

  • Perform analysis of information to proactively meet stakeholder expectations for corporate strategy setting 

  • Perform and provide forecast/projection based on trend analysis  

  • Provide insights to meet corporate and business needs for optimum decision making by the respective stakeholders 

  • Provide recommendations to stakeholders for next course of action based on insights developed 

  • Maintain and enhance the existing advanced analytics models across the company to ensure models remain effective, updated and relevant to business objective
  • Support the implementation of advanced analytics projects aimed at improving business performance 
  • Define, build & conduct in-depth analyses of available data to identify the business trends and areas of opportunity. 

3. Stakeholder Reporting 

  • Develops, and maintains a comprehensive enterprise-wide corporate database and management of information in preparation of a variety of specialized internal and external stakeholders required reports 

  • Ensure high quality data is collected and integrity of the data 

  • Conceptualization of data and sharing this knowledge through effective presentation of the data output to senior management 

  • Develop customize reports for MDEC management and key stakeholders  

  • Disseminate timely and accurate information to internal and external stakeholders 

4. Support Services for corporate-wide initiatives 

  • Provide request of info/data by providing analysis/insights clusters during corporate-wide initiatives  for strategic studies, strategic decisions and prioritization 

  • Provide web/campaign performance reporting and other relevant metrics and recommendation for optimization.

5. Insight & Analytics through dashboard development 

  • Gathering of data & requirement from business users in MDEC. 

  • Data massaging, data cleaning and data structuring skills. 

  • Using of analytical tools to visualize data provided by business users. 

  • Maintaining the dashboards and ensure updated data. 


- Bachelor's degree Holder in Statistics, Data Science, Information Technology, or related field 

- Minimum 5 to 8 years working experience in the field, pertaining to strong analytical skills with the ability to collect, organise, analyse, and dissemination of information with attention to detail and accuracy. 

- Experience with one or more Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and etc

- Applicable knowledge of SEM Strategy and Google Tag Manager. Google Search Console, SEM strategy, Social Media, Google Adwords, Optimizely or similar is an advantage

- Experience with data visualization tool i.e. Power BI

- Experience of website analysis (how site functionality works, recommendations to optimize website performance and conversion)

- Strategic thinker and able to conceptualize solutions.

- Demonstrate analytical, business-acumen and problem-solving skills.

- Strong people skills with proven influencing and delivery power to work across-functionally and collaborate.

Competency Required

1. Strategic Agility (SA) - Applies external trends and considers potential risk.

  • * Shows good understanding of the business imperatives and the implications in the medium term with respect to external forces.
  • * Keeps up to date on current industrial trends and recognizes how it may impact one’s work area.
  • * Draws inspiration from external trends / best practices to resolve issues.

2. Analytical Insights (AI) - Considers potential risks.

  • * Conducts in-depth analysis to identify various inter-linkages that are not noticeably related to judge the best course of action.
  • * Evaluates risks, implications and challenges of past initiatives and leverages on the insights for the current situation.
  • * Evaluate best course of action by formulating mitigating plans.

3. Impact and Influence (II) - Influences using indirect strategies.

  • * Understands and builds professional relationships with key stakeholders to better target communication.
  • * Uses established credibility, past experiences, and expertise to convince stakeholders to create buy in
  • * Probes and takes initiative to understand stakeholders’ current needs / issues and recommends win-win solutions.

4. Driving Excellence (DE) - Proactively manages contingencies.

  • * Anticipates obstacles and proactively plans for multiple contingencies to speed execution.
  • * Possesses the tenacity and persistence to see through improvement initiatives.
  • * Takes on new roles and responsibilities when faced with unexpected changes.

5. Driving Innovation & Creativity (DIC) - Seeks for improvement opportunities.

  • * Proactively looks to recommend improvements to current ways of working.
  • * Draws inspiration from best practices to resolve issues.
  • * Helps others to view situations from alternative perspectives to encourage creativity and innovation.

6. Self-Initiatives (SI) - Considers short term implications.

  • * Willing to take slight risks based on own judgment of the situation.
  • * When making plans or decisions, considers the impact those decisions will have on existing processes.
  • * Adapts current plans to ensure they do not cause issues for other facets of the organization.

7. Service Orientation (SO) - Addresses underlying client needs.

  • * Takes a proactive approach in resolving requests, issues / problems by taking responsibility in identifying and resolving problems before requests, issues/ problems are communicated by clients.
  • * Ability to perceive client needs based on different situations and seeks information about the real underlying needs of internal and external clients beyond those expressed initially.
  • * Closely follows up on requests, issues/ problems communicated.

8. Teamwork & Collaboration (TC) - Solicits and enhances inputs.

  • * Genuinely values the ideas and perspectives of others and communicates directly while using language and approach that will not offend.
  • * Listens to and builds on the views of others, seeking advice and input from multiple parts of the organization to ensure that there is mutual respect.
  • * Able to effectively coordinate effort from multiple parts of the organization which leads to high productivity.

9. Developing Others (OT) - Provides clarity and gives context.

  • * Asks questions to check that the individual understands how things work and why.
  • * Supplements resources, tools, advice, demonstrations, or instructions to build greater contextual understanding of the person being developed.
  • * Delegates projects or assignments to develop an individual.

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