Senior Executive - Business Continuity Management
Posted on 08 Jun 2021 14 days left for application

Job Purpose

Plan and manage the following key organization wide initiatives in supporting overall operations of the organization towards excellent MDEC business performance.

Duties & Responsibilities

1. Coordinate and ensure the implementation of Business Continuity plans, incident management, crisis management, and damage restoration exercise. These includes, but not limited to, risk assessment, business impact analysis, business continuity plan (BCP), documentation of BCP, damage restoration plan, training, drill and testing exercise

2. Support business operations stakeholders on the development and maintenance of enterprise wide BCM program including business impact analysis development and formulation of recovery strategy to reflect changes in the business requirement on an annual basis or as and when necessary

3. Execute a continuous and structured annual BCM training and awareness program

4. Coordinate with the relevant stakeholders to conduct business continuity activities such as evacuation drill, call tree test, alternate site test and enterprise wide disaster recovery simulation exercise

5. Prepare BCM report for the management and Board level

6. Maintained and update BCP for Department.

7. Liaised with Division/department representative to ensure continuity plan is in place. 

8. Updated and maintained policies and guidelines relating to BCM.

9. Secretariat for the BCM Committee


1. Recognized Bachelor's Degree and/or Professional Certification in Risk Management/ Business Continuity Management/ Safety & Health/ Business Studies/ Administration/ Management, Safety & Health Finance/ Accountancy/ Banking, Engineering, IT or equivalent

2. 5 or more years of experience in Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Internal Auditing & Insurance Management

Competency Required

1. Ability to coordinate and execute with minimal supervision 

2. Technical knowledge in Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Management and Safety & Health.

3. Exceptional stakeholder engagement skills combined with strong communications & interpersonal skills.

4. Attention to details in analyzing data and ability to reconstruct data to develop report by providing value-add information and context.

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