Senior Executive
Posted on 27 May 2021 7 days left for application

Job Purpose

Execute and provide effective administration of systems and processes so that the unit and MDEC can achieve its goals and objectives through strategic events and inbound visits programmemes within agreed quality and standards to contribute towards positioning MDEC as leading Malaysia’s Digital Economy Forward.

Duties & Responsibilities

1.     Coordinate and Execute Outreach Campaigns, Events Programs and Inbound Visits led by the Corporate Events Department/ Brand and Strategic Partnerships  Division.
  • Conduct due diligence to assess merits of potential campaigns/ programs against MDEC’s   and its Brand vision, mission, and objectives.
  • Effectively coordinate with other internal and external stakeholders to achieve set goals of outreach campaigns, event programs and inbound visits.
  • Coordinate and Execute planned activities within compliance and agreed deadlines.
  • Provide valuable input and updates by gathering and analyzing information on a timely basis.
  • Identify and analyze risks factors and implement risks mitigation measures across all outreach campaign, event programs and inbound visits activities.

2.     Plan, coordinate and support specifically assigned outreach and event-based projects owned by internal stakeholders (MDEC Divisions) and contribute to the achievement of the defined goals and outcomes of the projects.
  • Coordinate and execute assigned tasks within compliance and agreed deadlines.
  • Effectively coordinate with other internal and external stakeholders to achieve set goals of outreach campaigns and event programs
  • Provide valuable input and updates by gathering and analyzing information on a timely basis.
  • Report/escalate critical issues to the Outreach and Events Manager / management when the need arises.
3.     Facilitate and conduct engagement and programmes with Ministries, Federal Agencies, States Government and agencies, key industry players and associations
  • Assist the Manager to develop and maintain strong and  strategic relationships with key stakeholders from the ministries ,states governments and agencies
  • Effectively develop, coordinate and update databases of all materials pertaining to states programme e.g. slides, minutes, project materials, etc
  • Ensure the effective execution and follow-up of all key action items from the above initiatives;
  • Assist to develop, sustain and enhance continuous engagement programmes with specific stakeholders (Other Ministries, Agencies and States Government)
  • Conduct annual Stakeholder Satisfaction Index. Distribute questionnaires, collate, analyze and report.
  • Work closely with other Internal Stakeholder i.e. Divisions/Department in executing & implementing MDEC strategic high impact and high-level strategic platforms initiatives
  • Coordinate accurate and quality inputs & responses to key stakeholders on time
  • Coordinate engagement sessions with states government and  relevant state agencies to garner support in delivering MDEC ‘s digital inclusion programmes
  • Coordinate and execute requests from ministries ,states governments and agencies for any Programme & other engagements
  • Develop Key Government Stakeholders’ Profile, briefings / presentations slides / reports & manage business intelligence / research work for the department
4.     Facilitate in Strategic Planner responsibilities which include shaping the MDEC’s overall business strategy, developing strategic plans and performance.
  • Understand  the company’s strategy and mission
  • Develop plans to materialize strategy and business proposals
  • Provide support and insight into significant organizational changes (e.g. shift in strategic focus, mergers and acquisitions)
5.     Perform effective implementation of processes and programs in compliance to the MDEC governance, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure full compliance to Corporate Events and MDEC’s policies and   procedures in executing assigned projects.
  • Regularly update self with the Corporate Events Team and MDEC policies and procedures and apply the updated knowledge in daily operations.
6.     Execute and Support Special Projects/ Assignments as and when assigned by Head of Department / Division.
  • Coordinate and execute assigned tasks within compliance and agreed deadlines.
7.     Coordinate department financial matters and other administrative/ operational requirements.
  • Provide inputs, collate, update, coordinate and prepare weekly and monthly work and KPI achievement reports as required and within agreed deadlines.
  • Provide inputs, collate, update, coordinate and prepare programme presentation decks and other documents as and when required.
  • Update and track programs and campaigns reports, budget report, administrative reports to management and administrative operational matters (track, PIDs etc.) as required.
  • Coordinate the inventory and ensure the safe keeping of department assets e.g. buntings, camera and other stock items.
  • Maintain and update programme and work database as required.
  • Effectively and professionally coordinate official vendors, contractors and other suppliers’ services and performance to support MDEC’s aspirations, intent and corporate identity.


  1. 3 – 5 years working experience in related field.
  2. Minimum Degree in Business/Marketing/Management or related field.

Competency Required

  • Communication skills - Excellent communication and presentation skills - able to represent marketing plans to clients and stakeholders
  • Interpersonal skills - Excellent people and management skills to interact with colleagues and cross-functional teams, and third parties
  • Strategic thinking - Excellent analytical with strong organizational abilities
  • Values/ organisational commitment
  • Continuous learning and improvement
  • Digital & hybrid event management
  • Project management
  • Marketing and promotion - financial and budgeting

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