Senior Manager, Insight & Analytics (Internal)
Posted on 10 Jun 2021 16 days left for application

Job Purpose

This position need to oversee the activities of Internal Insights & Analytics Managers, and reports directly to the Head of Data, Insights & AI.He/She need to develop business solutions through the constant modification of the existing business intelligence solutions.He/She also responsible to design, code, debug, test, document, and support server based applications such as SQL consistent with established business requirements and specifications in order to deliver the highest possible value to the business.

This position also need to oversee and conduct the conversion of data into insights that will lead to informed business decisions - working directly with stakeholders and the business’s top management and executives within the assigned departments. He/She required to handle multiple simultaneous tasks, prioritize work, and remain functional under pressure and aggressive timelines.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To develop clear and well-structured analytical plans and analyse large data-sets, internally.
  • To shape the MDEC’s data infrastructure, inclusive of data-warehousing, reporting, and analytics platforms.
  • To identify, communicate, and endeavour to resolve data gaps that impact the fulfilment of the business’s functional requirements.
  • To identify, evaluate, and document potential data sources in support of project requirements within the assigned departments in MDEC.
  • To build and operationalize processes that ensure timely data-loading and maintain accuracy and relevance of data used within the data department.
  • To develop logical and conceptual data flows that are in support of departmental project requirements and guides various business departments in appropriate and effective use of data.
  • To support and execute change management activities with regard to data analysis across business departments.
  • To mine MDEC’s database in search of critical business insights and communicates his findings to the relevant departments and MDEC at large.
  • To identifiy and communicate risks and issues in projects / programs initiated by the assigned departments and communicates this information to the relevant leadership.
  • To use data to guide assigned business departments through all programs and initiatives, enabling continuous improvement in data quality, departmental performance, and overall business performance.
  • To work within and across MDEC in order to understand the business’s functional and data requirements.
  • To work with senior data department management in ensuring constant compliance with standards and to effect change where merited.
  • To work with MDEC’s departmental heads, management, and key stakeholders, in developing detailed business requirements, conducting gap analyses, creating functional designs, and guiding MDEC’s leadership through analytical data processing when needed.
  • Responsible for developing KPIs within MDEC for the purpose of identifying trends and evaluating the success of MDEC’s initiatives.
  • To develop models and ad hoc reports, sharing observations and recommendations with senior data management, executives, and stakeholders for further consideration.
  • To build statistical models, diagnoses, validates, and improves the performance of these models over time in addition to creating efficient and reusable SQL code meant for the improvement, manipulation, and analysis of data.
  • To regularly maintain and upgrade of data warehouse servers such as SQL.
  • To perform similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties as assigned by the Head of Data, Analytics & AI, CITO, or the Employer


  • Bachelor’s degree (or Masters Degree) in Data Science / Computer Science / Information Technology / Information Systems / Statistics / Applied Math, or any other related field.
  • Min. 5 years in a data analyst position, preferably working as a Data Analyst in a fast-paced and dynamic business setting with experience working in report creation, modelling, and trend forecasting.
  • A strong background in SQL or extensive experience performing administrative tasks on servers such as SQL
  • Ability to create, troubleshoot, and enhance the business’s data loadings.
  • Have a clear understanding of key IT business systems, reporting and analytics, general ledger management, and data warehousing.
  • Strong working knowledge of reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, etc.
  • To draw reports for the departmental heads, management, and key stakeholders. These reports have to be clear, convincing, informative, engaging, unambiguous, and uniquely tailored to suit different audiences.
  • Proficiency in using Office Apps for the creation of visually and verbally engaging reports, for the various assigned departmental heads, management, and stakeholders.
  • Must demonstrate a deep interest in research and data analysis, drawing actionable insights form raw data and information to help further MDEC’s cause.
  • Skilled in statistical and econometric modelling, performing quantitative analysis, and technological data mining and analysis techniques.
  • Excellent communication skills & a strong team player

Competency Required

Strategic Agility (SA) - Applies external trends and considers potential risk.  

  • Shows good understanding of the business imperatives and the implications in the medium term with respect to external forces.  
  • Keeps up to date on current industrial trends and recognizes how it may impact one’s work area.  
  • Draws inspiration from external trends / best practices to resolve issues.   

Analytical Insights (AI) - Considers potential risks.  

  • Conducts in-depth analysis to identify various inter-linkages that are not noticeably related to judge the best course of action.  
  • Evaluates risks, implications and challenges of past initiatives and leverages on the insights for the current situation.  
  • Evaluate best course of action by formulating mitigating plans.  

Impact and Influence (II) - Influences using indirect strategies.  

  • Understands and builds professional relationships with key stakeholders to better target communication.  
  • Uses established credibility, past experiences, and expertise to convince stakeholders to create buy in  
  • Probes and takes initiative to understand stakeholders’ current needs / issues and recommends win-win solutions.  

Driving Excellence (DE) - Proactively manages contingencies.  

  • Anticipates obstacles and proactively plans for multiple contingencies to speed execution.  
  • Possesses the tenacity and persistence to see through improvement initiatives.  
  • Takes on new roles and responsibilities when faced with unexpected changes.  

Driving Innovation & Creativity (DIC) - Seeks for improvement opportunities.  

  • Proactively looks to recommend improvements to current ways of working.  
  • Draws inspiration from best practices to resolve issues.  
  • Helps others to view situations from alternative perspectives to encourage creativity and innovation.  

Self-Initiatives (SI) - Considers short term implications.  

  • Willing to take slight risks based on own judgment of the situation.  
  • When making plans or decisions, considers the impact those decisions will have on existing processes.  
  • Adapts current plans to ensure they do not cause issues for other facets of the organization.  

Service Orientation (SO) - Addresses underlying client needs.  

  • Takes a proactive approach in resolving requests, issues / problems by taking responsibility in identifying and resolving problems before requests, issues/ problems are communicated by clients.  
  • Ability to perceive client needs based on different situations and seeks information about the real underlying needs of internal and external clients beyond those expressed initially.  
  • Closely follows up on requests, issues/ problems communicated.  

Teamwork & Collaboration (TC) - Solicits and enhances inputs.  

  • Genuinely values the ideas and perspectives of others and communicates directly while using language and approach that will not offend.  
  • Listens to and builds on the views of others, seeking advice and input from multiple parts of the organization to ensure that there is mutual respect.  
  • Able to effectively coordinate effort from multiple parts of the organization which leads to high productivity.  

Developing Others (OT) - Provides clarity and gives context.  

  • Asks questions to check that the individual understands how things work and why  
  • Supplements resources, tools, advice, demonstrations, or instructions to build greater contextual understanding of the person being developed.  
  • Delegates projects or assignments to develop an individual.  

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