Lead, Full-Stack Engineer
Posted on 10 Jun 2021 16 days left for application

Job Purpose

The purpose of this role will be to manage development projects and resources. He/She will be responsible for the overall planning, technological requirements, and deliverables for all related requirements of IT Projects. The roles include managing the day-to-day activities within the development team, managing developers’ resources, guiding junior engineers in terms of development, and also collaborating with other team leads to achieve the goal of each projects.

Duties & Responsibilities

Development related technological work

  1. Gather business requirements from Business Analysts, Product Manager, Project Manager and translate into technical requirements.
  2. Identify technological stack to use for each project based on business requirements gathered from Product managers and Business Analysts.
  3. Responsible for architecting and defining the development framework to solve complex application requirements and interactions that reflect the project team directions moving forward.
  4. Responsible for creation of all programming and deliverables
  5. Responsible for mentorship and guidance to technical team members in all project activities on multiple small to medium sized projects or one large project
  6. Lead and Manage a large team of developers and client developers (should be any)
  7. Be a thought leader in the development technologies and space.
  8. Conduct code reviews for any deliverables within projects.
  9. Develop and maintain automated testing
  10. Manage work on tools/modules deliverables from concept to completion as per project timelines
  11. Brainstorm and suggest design solutions based on user/product requirements
  12. Contribute towards an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture


  1. A Bachelor’s Degree / Masters in a related area such as: Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Engineering
  2. Experience with technological stacks such as but not limited to, JavaScript ES6, ReactJS, VueJS, NextJS, Git.
  3. Experience with NodeJS, Php Laravel, and other programming language framework is a plus.
  4. A minimum of five years’ experience in face paced development team.
  5. A minimum of two-year experience in a supervisory position may be advantageous.
  6. Strong leadership skills.
  7. Good written and verbal communication skills.
  8. Strong attention to details and technicalities.
  9. Excellent organizational and technical skills.
  10. Good interpersonal and multi-tasking skills.

Competency Required

Strategic Agility (SA)

Applies external trends and considers potential risk.

    • Shows good understanding of the business imperatives and the implications in the medium term with respect to external forces.
    • Keeps up to date on current industrial trends and recognizes how it may impact one’s work area.
    • Draws inspiration from external trends / best practices to resolve issues.


Analytical Insights (AI)

Considers potential risks.

    • Conducts in-depth analysis to identify various inter-linkages that are not noticeably related to judge the best course of action.
    • Evaluates risks, implications and challenges of past initiatives and leverages on the insights for the current situation.
    • Evaluate best course of action by formulating mitigating plans.


Impact and Influence (II)

Influences using indirect strategies.

    • Understands and builds professional relationships with key stakeholders to better target communication.
    • Uses established credibility, past experiences and expertise to convince stakeholders to create buy in
    • Probes and takes initiative to understand stakeholders’ current needs / issues and recommends win-win solutions.


Driving Excellence (DE)

Proactively manages contingencies.

    • Anticipates obstacles and proactively plans for multiple contingencies to speed execution.
    • Possesses the tenacity and persistence to see through improvement initiatives.
    • Takes on new roles and responsibilities when faced with unexpected changes.


Driving Innovation & Creativity (DIC)

Seeks for improvement opportunities.

    • Proactively looks to recommend improvements to current ways of working.
    • Draws inspiration from best practices to resolve issues.
    • Helps others to view situations from alternative perspectives to encourage creativity and innovation.


Self-Initiatives (SI)

Considers short term implications.

    • Willing to take slight risks based on own judgment of the situation.
    • When making plans or decisions, considers the impact those decisions will have on existing processes.
    • Adapts current plans to ensure they don’t cause issues for other facets of the organization.


Service Orientation (SO)

Addresses underlying client needs.

    • Takes a proactive approach in resolving requests, issues / problems by taking responsibility in identifying and resolving problems before requests, issues/ problems are communicated by clients.
    • Ability to perceive client needs based on different situations and seeks information about the real underlying needs of internal and external clients beyond those expressed initially.
    • Closely follows up on requests, issues/ problems communicated.


Teamwork & Collaboration (TC

Solicits and enhances inputs.


    • Genuinely values the ideas and perspectives of others and communicates directly while using language and approach that will not offend.
    • Listens to and builds on the views of others, seeking advice and input from multiple parts of the organization to ensure that there is mutual respect.
    • Able to effectively coordinate effort from multiple parts of the organization which leads to high productivity.


Developing Others (OT)

Provides clarity and gives context.

    • Asks questions to check that the individual understands how things work and why
    • Supplements resources, tools, advice, demonstrations, or instructions to build greater contextual understanding of the person being developed.
    • Delegates projects or assignments to develop an individual.

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