Network Manager
Posted on 03 May 2021 12 days left for application

Job Purpose

This position is to oversees a company’s entire computer network system. Plans for long term growth, development and modernisation of the networkControlling budgetsanalysing costs and provide recommendations to senior management. 

Duties & Responsibilities


    • - Provide leadership in managing the followings 

    • - Network operation services 

    1. a) Request fulfilment, access management, event management, incident management, problem management, facilities management, technical management, and operations control for network infrastructure 

    1. b) Analyse network related alert and plans for action. 

    1. c) Perform resolution and root cause analysis to network related incidents. 

    1. d) Access management for network 

    1. e) Backup and recovery for all network 

    1. f) Installation, Upgrades and Patch Management for network 

    • - Configure and manage network configuration. 

    1. a) Produce runbook for all network and security devices. 

    1. b) Produce and update all network high level design document. 

    1. c) Produce and update all network low level design document. 

    • - Network quality, performance, and capacity management 

    1. a) Measure quality and performance for both leaf and spine. 

    1. b) Produce capacity management on network for availability services. 

    • - Maintenance of network cables 

    1. a) Covered LAN, Inter-site, and WAN 

    1. b) Covered spine and leaf 

    1. c) Test, validate and manage UTP and Fiber cables 

    • - Network device management 

    1. a) Health check, inventory, and relocation management 

    1. b) Perform firmware upgrade.  

    1. c) Produce asset management reporting related to network devices. 

    • - Inter-site management 

    1. a) Monitor and manage inter-site connectivity. 

    1. b) Produce daily performance and health check report. 

    1. c) Escalate and co-ordinate with 3rdparties for any issue related to inter-site connectivity. 


    • - Access control list management 

    1. a) Configure, allow, deny, and record activity related to network security devices. 

    1. b) Perform housekeeping related to network security configuration. 

    1. c) Produce and update access control list report document. 

    • - Routing and policy management 

    1. a) Configure, manage, and record all routing configuration on network security devices. 

    1. b) Configure, manage, and record all policy configuration on network security devices. 

    • - Firewall operation and configuration management 

    1. a) Request fulfilment, access management, event management, incident management, problem management, facilities management, technical management, and operations control for network security infrastructure 

    1. b) Produce runbook for all security devices. 

    1. c) Produce and update all security high level design document. 

    1. d) Produce and update all security low level design document. 

    1. e) Produce daily health check report related to network security. 

    • - Security device management 

    1. a) Physical management 

    1. b) Warranty management 

    1. c) Configuration management 

    1. d) Identity and access management 

    1. e) Security audit management 

    • - Intrusion detection and prevention management of built-in function in network security devices 

    • Security device backup and recovery 



    • - Perform daily health check on network equipment. 

    • - 24X7 event monitoring. 

    • - Centralized log management. 



    • - Bi-annual network and security assessment 

    • - Gap analysis 

    • - Recommendation and remediation 

    • - Bi-annual network and security improvement report 



    • - Management, Tracking, and Reporting of all network assets 

    • - Network asset sighting and auditing 

    • - Management, Tracking, and Reporting of all network security assets 

    • - Network security asset sighting and auditing 

    • - Network and security asset relocation 



    • - 3rd-party network and network security escalation management 

    • - ISP 



    • - Power Management 

    1. a) UPS management (operation and bi-annual preventive maintenance) 

    1. b) PDU maintenance 

    • - Environment monitoring 

    1. a) Ensure optimal temperature and humidity level. 

    1. b) Ensure the fire suppression system within the server room is constantly in operation. 

    1. c) Quarterly air conditioner maintenance 

    • - Server Room Security 

    1. a) Ensure security monitoring is up and running. 

    1. b) Ensure access control is up and running. 

    1. c) Tracking of assets in server room 

    • - Server room capacity and design management 

    1. a) Ensuring an optimal design to ensure space utilization. 

    1. b) Labelling and cabling maintenance 

    1. c) Sever room maintenance report. 



    • - Preventive Maintenance Services 

    1. a) Quarterly preventive maintenance services for all network and network security devices 

    1. b) Firmware upgrade and gap analysis 

    • - Corrective Maintenance Services 

    1. a) One to one hardware replacement for any hardware failure if required. 

    1. b) Remediate all recommendation based on preventive maintenance report. 

    1. c) Resolve service failure due to bug or firmware related to hardware and configuration. 

    • - Device Maintenance  

    1. a) One to one hardware replacement for any hardware failure if require 


      1. - Degree in information technology or equivalent 

      1. - At least 10 years of network experience in an enterprise environment 

      1. - Experience in network design including system integration. 

      1. - Experience in SD-WAN design and implementation is an advantage. 

      1. - LAN/WAN optimization technology experience/certification 

      1. - Certifications in CCNA, CCNP or equivalent is an advantage. 

      1. - Good English language skills 

      1. - Excellent communication, prioritization, and organization skills 

      1. - Very good TCP/IP knowledge 

      1. - Good knowledge of switching/routing technologies 

      1. - Good knowledge of VPN technologies 

      1. - Good understanding of any proxy platform 

      1. - Good wireless LAN knowledge 

      1. - IP telephony knowledge 

      1. - Very good understanding of any FW/NIPS platform. 

      1. - Interest in Cloud Engineering and its impact on greater business practices. 

      1. - Skilled at working in tandem with a team of engineers, or alone as required. 

      1. - Strong awareness of networking and internet protocols, including TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP, HTTP and distributed networks. 

      1. - Database experience, including knowledge of SQL and NoSQL, and related data stores such as Postgres. 

      1. - Excellent communication and organizational skills, and the ability to stay focused on completing tasks and meeting goals within a busy workspace. 

Competency Required

  1. - Business Planning 

  1. - People and Performance Management  

  1. - Leadership  

  1. - Analytical thinking 

  1. - Creative problem solving 

  1. - Ability to work independently and in a team. 

  1. - Business writing 

  1. - Negotiation 

  1. - Vendor management 

  1. - IT contract management 

  1. - Presentation  

  1. - Multitasking  

  1. - Self-motivation 

  1. - Pro-active 

  1. - IT Governance and Management Practice 

  1. - Management of IT (Cloud & DC) outsourcing provider and services 

  1. - Active Directory and Azure Active Directory Management 

  1. - IT Service Level Management and Performance Measurement 

  1. - IT Project Management 

  1. - IT Security Management 

  1. - Application deployment on cloud, APM, SSL, application penetration test 

  1. - DNS Management. 

  1. - Knowledge in networking skill sets, IT security and tools, Windows client and server operating system, Microsoft SQL, IIS and firewall security.  

  1. - Knowledge of security vulnerabilities and exploits. 

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