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Resume | MDEC


Serving. Forward Thinkers. Go-Getters. Collaborators. Fun.
MDEC has driven significant digital transformation and adoption across the public and private sectors in Malaysia since our establishment in 1996. As the world moves rapidly into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), MDEC is ready and fully focused on leading Malaysia’s Digital Economy forward by accelerating:

Formulation of policies and coordination of agencies to enable success Development of futureproof workforce to grow the Digital Economy ecosystem

Creation of global champions to increase contribution from the Digital Economy to GDP MDEC will leverage our proven track record, industry credibility and experienced leadership to connect, catalyse and commercialise digital initiatives to advance a thriving and sustainable Digital Economy for the country, with diversity and inclusivity at its core.

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Jobs at MDEC

3 Days Left Senior Executive, Internal Audit (Permanent) To conduct financial, operational, project and systems audits in any area of the Group in accordance to Internal Audit Plan approved by Board Audit and Risk Committee (BARC). LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Executive, Integrity Corrective Unit (Permanent) The incumbent shall provide effective administration, coordination and execution of all complaints/information received on any unethical activities in accordance with guidelines and governance standards. The incumbent also expected to work closely with various stakeholders in instilling the culture of integrity and good governance. LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Executive, Integrity Preventive Unit (Permanent) The incumbent shall provide effective administration, coordination, and execution towards good governance in the effort to strengthen integrity among employees in the organization. The incumbent is expected to work closely with various stakeholders in instilling the culture of integrity and good governance. LEARN MORE
3 Days Left Senior Data Scientist (Permanent) The Senior Data Scientist is instrumental in helping the company continue its evolution into an analytical and data-driven culture. Additionally, the Senior Data Scientist will: 1. synthesise and leverage the business’s dataset and data to enhance the business’ capabilities for overall goal achievement; 2. oversee the junior data scientists’ activities and provide advanced expertise on statistical and mathematical concepts for the Data Science & AI unit; 3. apply and inspire the adoption of advanced data science and analytics across the business. LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Practical Trainee (Practical Trainee) LEARN MORE
3 Days Left Manager, Agile Program & Project Management Governance (CFS) LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Practical Trainee (Practical Trainee) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Associate - Market Development (CFS) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Associate, Domestic Digital Investment (CFS) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Manager (CFS) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Lead, Domestic Digital Investment (Permanent) • To manage a team of business development managers to attract investment in digital economy from existing investors (foreign & local) in Malaysia and creating high value jobs. This will include lead generation, stakeholder & partner engagement, closing of opportunities and various other activities in relation to business development. • Activities include managing achievement in account and strategy for investment attraction and managing lead generation and opportunity pursuit of target business portfolio. • Managing priority projects, processes, and activities to support the development and growth of Domestic Digital Investment related companies. LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Executive, Approval (CFS) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Project Specialist, Monitoring (CFS) LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Executive, Verification Officer (Permanent) Implement and prioritized client management and appraisal activities at Expats Service Centre Department for the delivery of expatriate services to ensure quality services on timely basis and towards achieving department goals and client satisfaction. The job holder will have constant interactions with the clients. LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Project Specialist (Permanent) Implementation of the funding framework of MDEC-managed grants covering policies, procedures and guidelines in awarding financial assistance and fiscal incentives, by performing project due-diligence, secretarial function and project implementation & monitoring to ensure efficiency, transparency and integrity of the processes. LEARN MORE
17 Days Left Executive, Talent Acquisition (Permanent) The incumbent is responsible for administration and execution of several key HR functions: Internal and external recruitment Engagement of Contract For Service (CFS), Temporary staff and Practical Trainee Data maintenance and reporting; and other HR matters LEARN MORE
8 Days Left Driver (Permanent) This position is responsible for ensuring the proper maintenance of company vehicles, ferrying guests & employees, and timely delivery and collection of documents (dispatching).To be assigned as Assigned Driver to Senior Management when required Perform facility management and/or office administration tasks as required LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Senior Executive, Legal (Permanent) To render professional and expert legal advice, reviewing and drafting various legal documents and to ensure compliance of relevant laws and regulations, in order to safeguard MDEC’s interest and mitigate legal risks and exposures. LEARN MORE
20 Days Left Manager, Corporate Performance (Permanent) Manage all project management, monitoring and reporting activities across the organization. Key functions will include:1. KPI Monitoring, Validation and Reporting a. Corporate KPIs b. KPI commitments to stakeholders 2. Project* Monitoring and Reporting as per assigned Division and department 3. KPI and Project data analysis & dashboard management 4. Project Management advice to project teams 5. Internal divisional engagement relating to Corporate KPI & Project Performance 6. Issue escalation and resolution Note(*): Project : includes projects assigned to MDEC under RMK12, Budget Initiatives, Government Stimulus Packages, etc), LEARN MORE
19 Days Left Graphic Designer (CFS) LEARN MORE
17 Days Left Manager, National eInvoicing (Permanent) To manage the planning and execution of the National eInvoicing Initiative, particularly on driving the adoption of eInvoicing by businesses and organisations in Malaysia, and to support the implementation of other initiatives related to Digitalisation under Digital Trade. LEARN MORE
27 Days Left Manager, Funding Facilitation (Permanent) 1 LEARN MORE
3 Days Left Manager, Fintech (Permanent) This is a managerial role that focuses on creating strategic partnerships and value with the Fintech ecosystem to develop and enrich the Malaysian Fintech start-up ecosystem. To support in designing and implementing programmes under MDEC to accelerate the growth of the Malaysian, regional and global startup ecosystem and create a critical mass of commercial, investment and market access-ready startups. In addition, to be the subject matter expert in establishing controls, monitoring and governance processes. LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Senior Manager, Digital Talent Pipeline (Tertiary) (Permanent) This position leads MDEC’s Talent Development intervention at the Tertiary level to develop and implement plans and programs to enhance the quality and industry-relevance of graduates of Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTI) in particular and IHLs in general by enabling the IHLs to strengthen their linkages to industry as well as influencing related policies at appropriate levels. LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Senior Executive, Digital Talent Pipeline (Tertiary) (Permanent) This position provides effective administration, coordination, execution and facilitation of intervention programmes to produce graduates meeting industry expectations, focusing on the Premier Digital Tech Institutions (PDTI) LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Director, Industry Policy Intervention (Contract) The incumbent is responsible to identify industry policies intervention needed to spur the growth of our ecosystem to be globally competitive and ensure MDEC is a change agent in developing a robust ecosystem that is globally competitive. This would spur innovation and make Malaysia the hub for test bedding and tech companies to be regional and global leaders.  LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Manager, Sharing Economy Models (Permanent) Lead and drive the Sharing Economy adoption and facilitation programme within targeted sectors via co-creation & strategic projects with industry incumbents and partnership with Sharing Economy platform players, in line with 12th Malaysia Plan objectives and MDEC’s strategic plans and goals. LEARN MORE
26 Days Left Manager, Digital Talent Pipeline (Tertiary) (Permanent) This position is to manage the implementation of alternative tertiary tracks such as coding schools in collaboration with their operators and other ecosystem players in order to meet industry need for high quality developers and other digital talents. This position will also manage rolling out of MDEC talent development initiatives at TVET institutions to increase the talent pool available to the industry. LEARN MORE
0 Days Left Senior Executive, Market Access (Permanent) To facilitate TEG’s market access and global business development activities Establish and be connected globally to gain access and create opportunities for qualified MY companies Facilitate research and analyze on market intelligence information through both formal and informal sources to curate suitable market access programs To have business development skill set and manage the opportunity pipeline of GAIN companies LEARN MORE
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